Competence in Memory

Memory is who we are and all that we do. As a distributor of Memory IC’s and a manufacturer of Memory Modules, Memphis carries on a long history of specializing our focus in the memory market. Whatever your requirements may be in DRAM, SRAM, FLASH, or Modules, Memphis is the perfect partner for all of your memory needs.


DRAM, SRAM, FLASH - Memory Distribution by Memphis
The Memory ocean is not always easy to understand or navigate. So when it comes to memory component selection, our commitment is to advise our customers objectively and comprehensively on all of your memory options.
The Memphis sales team has the experience and understanding to provide world class service in support of your applications. From design in to production fulfillment and all points in between, Memphis representatives apply their market knowledge of memory component availability, alternatives, and pricing to help you make your next design a success.
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Memory Modules - Made by Memphis
For over 20 years, Memphis has developed and produced the highest quality Memory Modules. You’ll find Modules made by Memphis in such applications as telecommunications, embedded computing, automotive, robotics, medical, aerospace, and servers. Literally thousands of applications trust the long term availability and reliability of Memory Modules Made by Memphis. With over 300 different JEDEC standardized designs available, Memphis can produce the most robust Memory Modules for your application.
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