Socket DRAMs instead of soldering them!

Now it is really easy to test DRAM memory chips of different manufacturers, capacities and versions in your application. With BGA sockets for DDR3 and DDR4 memory, fitting all manufacturers and capacities, you can exchange the DRAMs on your boards in a few seconds. The time- and cost-consuming assembly of new prototype-boards is no longer needed!
The sockets themselves are solderable like a standard BGA device (same ball grid) and have a dimension equal or smaller than the DRAM chip.

How the socket works: For each DRAM BGA ball there is a little hole in the socket with a spring-contact mechanism. When inserting a BGA packaged DRAM into the socket, the spring loaded contacts make a reliable connection to the BGA balls and the DRAM is secure in the socket. With a small screwdriver and very little force the memory-chip can be removed again.

The sockets are now orderable at $70 each from Memphis.