MEMPHIS at ELEXCON 2017 + IEE2017 Embedded Systems Exhibition in Shenzhen

MEMPHIS auf der ELEXCON 2017

MEMPHIS has participated in this major exhibition in South China for Embedded Systems in late Dec 2017. The booth was realized in cooperation with Intelligent Memory, an industrial DRAM line of Memphis.

With more than 20 manufacturers of memory components on the line card - including Micron, Samsung, Hynix, Nanya, etc. - MEMPHIS Electronic is the leader and award winning worldwide distributor for DRAM, SRAM and Flash components. Many visitors enjoyed the expertise of a memory expert with a 26 year history in distribution, having sales offices, warehouses and technical support in three continents.

More than 350 international and domestic exhibitors participated in this 3 days exhibition, from components to systems, design to manufacturing. The fair had more than 32,000 visitors who came to visit the exhibition, with nearly 100 media representatives covering the event. The exhibitors and the media interacted with one another for a good exchange of information