Rugged DRAM for temperatures up to 125° C

Intelligent Memory offers new DRAMs (Distributor: Memphis) that can operate stable even at 125°C.

Intelligent Memory (IM) has launched very robust DRAMs (Distributor: Memphis) which withstand the highest operating temperatures and stress. These are the first DRAM from anywhere to operate at 125°C and achieve grade 1 AEC-Q100 qualification.

Based on their ECC DRAM technology, Intelligent Memory now offers new DRAMs that can operate stable even at 125°C without the requirement to increase the refresh-rate. With their integrated Error Correction Code, I’M ECC DRAMs correct single-bit-errors caused by any kind of root-cause, such as heat, radiation or degradation. Also most bit-pattern-dependant bit-flips and even permanent single-bit hard-errors get covered by the on-chip ECC logic.

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ECC DRAM products of Intelligent Memory